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Bailon Law Office specializes in providing legal support to businesses, nonprofits and political organizations. Whether you are an entrepreneur ready to launch your next endeavor, an owner looking to expand your business or a nonprofit, political, or thought leader in need of guidance to achieve the impact you are seeking, Bailon Law Office can help.


Attorney Bailon, owner of Bailon Law Office, L.L.C., has spent his career advising and growing businesses and national nonprofits in a number of roles including legal, operations, program management and more. He understands the complexities of running organizations and businesses and the importance of having effective legal support that can be relied upon, allowing owners and managers to focus on what it is they do best.

Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

We provide a full scope of services to new and established businesses, including business formation, transactional services, state and federal compliance and advising on ongoing business matters.

Tax Exempt Organizations

We support clients across the full spectrum of tax exempt organizations, from 501(c)(3) charitable organizations and family foundations to 501(c)(4) advocacy organizations and labor unions. We help clients through organizational formation and setup, securing of tax exempt status, addressing nuanced ethical issues, navigating new program and project questions, transactional needs, and more.

Campaign Finance and Lobbying Compliance 

We support clients across the full scope lobbying and campaign finance compliance needs, including state and federal lobbying registration and reporting and state and federal campaign finance-related registration and reporting, as well as providing necessary legal guidance on navigating federal, state and local lobbying and campaign finance laws and ethics rules. 



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